Friday, April 30, 2010

sorry everyone

i may have been. drinking.
This photo is not from last night, but it accurately portrays what i did yesterday evening.
it's quite amusing, so i won't delete the post, but for now, dignity is not the thing is have

the face above is the face i wear around auckland near all of the time.

I have a fan in auckland!!! the guy that writes e is for ernest
steven's on the way to ACTUALLY making friends. (hannah doesn't count: she is probably a figment of my imagination)
The internal battle:
"you're finally making friends!"
"no I'm not"
"I'm just trying to be encouraging"

it WAS raining and hazy and terrible this morning, but life had a talk with weather and decided to make a sunny, hot day for steven to suffer.


  1. i'm still slightly intoxicated.

    oh my dang

  2. don't make friends. you'll have less time for compulsive blogging

  3. I'm following you, this is all new to me, I wish I could be creepier about internet-stalking you... too tired.

    that's me in that photo there, hi me.