Monday, April 26, 2010

boxing-day poonani

this is technically a cartoon so I'm putting it in the cartoons section. this is also david's back.

i suppose this would come under hilarious aspects of my existence in AUckland as well...

Hannah drew that thing above the cartoon. so far, i have been led to believe that it is a condom with an eye, wings and hands without arms. suggestions?

this is also quite hilarious.

you can see the garlic hanging out in the top corner there.

Note to everyone in christchurch EXCEPT alex. i was going to inform you of this bank of wit but then i realised that i had sent some of the originals to people in wax sealed letters. i thought it proper for the originals to been seen first instead of the shitty-digital photos. I sent a text to alex without thinking about the implications: the world will end and John Cusak will survive. I will alert everyone once the virginity of the originals has been taken.


  1. I KNOW THAT GUY! Vaguely. Do you want me to send you scans of my witties? Id love to see them through my computer.

  2. This.
    I do not remember.
    And yes me and callum have met before.