Saturday, March 12, 2011

I knoew

It's a stupid time in the morning, but you did the right thing.

If you are also enjoying the 3:40 in the morning, then you too should be aware of the cold apathy that one feels along with the intense lust for instant soup.

Above are some photographs I took last year, but that is not the real reason for this post: this post is really an excuse for me to complain to those who read this toilet of silly rambling nothings.

Still haven't got that camera cable to upload real things.

I went to Elam today to get some shit done. I told Hannah to come over, and when she came we had a smoke on the benches outside. Eventually we ended up drinking in a big way. I didn't really expect much else. To be honest, I can't actually remember a time when Hannah and I met up and we didn't end up parting ways in the horrors. Fuck.

Anyway, We agreed to go home early enough tonight. About eleven .

I met this big Samoan guy at the bus stop and we had a hilarious conversation about absolute rubbish; we must have smoked at least this many cigarettes between us. Anyway. We ended up drinking in a car-park and lunging through a pack of pall malls, I let him call someone on my phone (a free 100 minutes of calling time on my 021 because of the earthquake). He said he couldn't get reception so he went round the corner.

Round the mother fucking corner; more like take my phone and make me completely lose my faith in humanity.

To be honest, the only reason I agreed to accompany him was because he said he was a bouncer at a bar and that he had a super-mad bar-tab that he needed to blow in one night. I thought I would boil my young-blood and let him buy me a million drinks!

how wrong was I!

Shit son.

ANYWAY, no matter how much you wish this post to be over, I still haven't go to the point of this post so listen.

I eventually caught the late bus home and staggered back into the mercifully empty flat: hating humanity for shitting on the one chance I gave it to be willing to let something in.

I felt a bit shit so I thought it would be best to get the worst out of me, but I can't remember ever eating anything blood-coloured...

It worries me that every sip of shitty instant miso that I take hurts my entire digestive system. I love instant miso even though it smells like estuary.

It shouldn't have been blood coloured. Nor should my trachea hurt so much.

Upity better than everyone super skanks: I love you.

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