Saturday, March 5, 2011

comedy gold

I am back in Auckland.

Goddam right you know what that means: isolation, sadness, mindless self-destruction and more comics.

My brother bought me a new camera, but alas the selfish bastards at Sony in their ploy to monopolise the world of electronics (that's right! you thought Apple? YOU THOUGHT WRONG) made their own special memory card that you need a special Sony reader for. I don't own one of these Sony card readers therefore I can't upload the comedy gold which is currently on my camera. Don't blame me, blame fucking Sony.

I'm not sure how much comi-quality I can guarantee though. Hannah told me yesterday that I wasn't miserable enough to write comics. Bitch gon' be proven wrong. I will have nought else to do save be miserable and draw comics considering I spent at least 150 dollars on booze and cigarettes last night.

Fuck you Hannah.

Instead of a comic, I give you the hilarious photo above. How much juxtaposition can there be in one photo? A Lot!

Sitting in the shade, surrounded by wine, quietly gritting my teeth as I eat my bleeding rare steak. It's the good life. Those two kids don't even know.

I'm sorry for deserting everyone in Christchurch. I felt bad about leaving the day after "The Great Earthquake".

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