Sunday, May 1, 2011

square that shit up!

Balmain is pretty cool.

When I got in at 5:30 yesterday morning, I was stranded in the city due to the buses beginning their services at 8am. At the bus stop, a gang member and his pregnant mistress struck up such a personal conversation with me that I could do nothing but listen and smoke with an inner terror equal to that of Frodo's upon hearing the nazgul scream. It was a situation that people do not usually find themselves in; first thing in the morning.

I made a shabby excuse, something about visiting Hannah who had my pillow (half true), and made my escape. I took refuge in a Starbucks: it being the only thing open at that hour. I ordered a cup of tea and waited until the first few buses were good and gone before I made my way back to the bus-stop.

Anyway, I am back now.

Seeing as the time-difference is five hours I am able to go to sleep early, skipping dinner, and wake up at five thirty in the morning and do things like haunt the hallway- sauntering up and down with the cat pretending to be a mournful ghost in the morning light. Or I just have porridge: the only food I have in the pantry. THE ONLY FOOD. I ate everything before I left. Seasoning and various herbs do not really count as food. Diet time!


  1. IN HAVE NO IDEA WHERE YOU ARE!! You should upload an itinerarnyniy or make a travel blog. I DID!

  2. It is, however, lovely to hear from you. I'm getting my hair cut tomorow.... Sad face. Its very long without you.

  3. Would you say that it LONGS for me when I'm not there?

  4. No. I would never say that. Stop turning what I say into puns.