Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I told you!

Steven and his siren song.

BY THE WAY, I entered this red bull doodling competition just for a free over-dose of sugar/caffeine, and LO! I GOT IN! TO THE THING! THE SPECIAL THING!
There's a picture of my highly recommended doodle on Hands Make
Floyd got in too, so now we have to go to this crazy red bull party thing held at the red bull headquarters! How ridiculous is that! I don't even like red bull that much, BUT there will be free drink =).
It's "invite a guest" so we are dragging Gabrielle and Ellen along, so they to may suffer the red-bull skanks and their bullshit (heh, wordplay). They were pretty keen to get off their tits though: it's a well deserved booze-binge-break from painting.

ALSO! check out my brother's post about my birthday present to him!


  1. Does this mean that your art skills are applicable in the real world?


    Mind blown.


  2. My tits: I'm going to be off them.

  3. I am ROFLing. Not literally though, but in my mind. I am only sniggering discreetly.

    If I was ROFLing literally I would be taken for a psychological exmaination since I am in the middle of a finance lecture.

  4. Steven, you are THE amazing thing. Why can't I be you. Also my brother is in the top 2 for a job as some sort of Red Bull promoter job thing.

    Don't drink too much Red Bull or you might have a stroke.